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Top World News

Russia Deployed Nuclear-Capable Gear, NATO Commander Says
Russia has deployed equipment during the conflict in eastern Ukraine that can be used for nuclear weapons, NATO's top military commander said. [ No Comments ]

U.S. Forces 'Closely Monitoring' Iranian Warships Near Yemen
U.S. military forces are "closely monitoring" an Iranian ship bound for Yemen that is said to contain aid for the warring factions in that country, according to multiple Pentagon officials. [ No Comments ]

ISIS Now Controls 50 Percent of Syria
After seizing Palmyra on May 20, the Islamic State (ISIS) now controls 50 percent of Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. [ No Comments ]

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Top Israel News

Iran: If Israel attacks, Hezbollah will 'destroy Tel Aviv'
A senior Iranian military official warned on Thursday that any Israeli attack would unleash a firestorm of missiles on its cities fired by the Islamic Republic’s Hezbollah allies in Lebanon. [ No Comments ]

US to Sell IDF Bunker Bombs
The US State Department approved a massive sale of bombs and missiles worth $1.897 billion, pending final congressional authorization. The procurement package includes bunker buster munitions and its timing suggests the Americans are seeking to alleviate Israeli concerns over the developing deal with Iran. [ No Comments ]

UN to explore new Mideast Israel-PA Peace
The United Nations will explore options with Israel's new government for a return to negotiations on creating a Palestinian state within a reasonable timeframe. [ No Comments ]

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Top U.S. News

FBI used Patriot Act to obtain 'large collections' of Americans' data, DoJ finds
As lawmakers and security agencies braced for a potential loss of the heart of the Patriot Act, a long-delayed Justice Department report showed that the FBI uses the surveillance authorities it provides for "large collections" of Americans' internet records. [ No Comments ]

Obama's trade bill narrowly clears a key Senate hurdle
In a triumph for President Barack Obama, sweeping legislation to strengthen the administration's hand in global trade talks advanced toward Senate passage Thursday after a showdown vote that remained in doubt until the final moment. [ No Comments ]

Rand Paul Commandeers Senate to Protest Patriot Act
Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, the most libertarian-leaning of the major Republican presidential contenders, dominated the Senate floor from 1:18 to 11:49 p.m. Wednesday to decry the National Security Agency's mass collection of phone data without warrants. [ 2 Comments ]

Senate Urges Obama to Free Pastor Imprisoned in Iran
The U.S. Senate has voted unanimously to pass a resolution urging the Obama administration to do more to free an American pastor imprisoned in Iran since 2012. [ No Comments ]

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Latest Christian News

India: Hindus Attack Three Churches
Last week, Hindus nationalists vandalized three churches in Madhya Pradesh, all during the same night. [ No Comments ]

Nigeria: Muslim Herdsmen Have Murdered 70 Christians Last Month
More than 70 Christian farmers have been murdered last month in Plateau State, Nigeria, after a series of assaults by Muslim Fulani cattle herders. [ No Comments ]

Hundreds of Kenyan pastors to Obama: Stop preaching homosexuality
Hundreds of Kenyan pastors have had enough of President Barack Obama's aggressive push for African nations to forsake their religious convictions and fully embrace homosexual behavior and same-sex "marriage." [ No Comments ]

Sudan: South Sudanese Church Leaders Jailed
Sudanese authorities have arrested two South Sudanese pastors who are now facing the death penalty. [ No Comments ]

Tanzania: Gov't harasses local church leadership
Three pastors on Tanzania's Mafia island were summoned by the district registration office last week, confirming fears that the recent government threat to close the island's churches would soon start. [ No Comments ]

Russia: Court Sentences Pastor Five Days
Last month a court in the Russian city of Orel sentenced a pastor to five days in prison. [ No Comments ]

Egypt: Christian Convicted of Blasphemy
Yet another Christian has been convicted of blasphemy for "ridiculing or insulting a heavenly religion" in violation of the Egyptian Penal Code's Article 98(f). [ No Comments ]

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